Hangdread Draft 0: Complete

Yay! The last two scenes took a little longer than expected, but I’ve finally got a version with no holes in the story flow. Even though it still has a long way to go, I am pausing to give myself a pat on the back since it has been many years since I’ve written any kind of creative fiction all the way through.

I think I may dive right in and do a pass to fix some of the more egregious stuff I’m aware of. Gotta ride the enthusiasm wave while I’ve got it. It remains to be seen how much work needs to be done to get an acceptable first draft.

I desperately want to get some reader feedback, but I’ll have to practice delayed gratification for another draft or two.

Life! Life! Give my creation life! –Victor von Frankenstein

Here is today’s writing craft tip: the Color Thesaurus. This author made a great bunch of charts that let you describe the perfect color shade you are looking for. I would like a format that is more compact that I could print out so I’m considering reworking it, but still is a useful and impressive little piece of work.


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